Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Makoto - Chatswood, Sydney

Since I already started on the Masuya Group with Miso, I thought that it would be logical to follow it up with one of its' older siblings - Makoto Chatswood. Makoto is the sushi bar branches in the Masuya Group with the establishing one in the city but it got so popular that a second one was opened in the North Shore. Even though there are 2 of these, there is usual a big queue at the meal times and wait times can get up to a hectic 45mins or longer!

After a hiatus from visiting Makoto, due to it getting too repetitive and increasing prices, we had a sudden craving for sushi sushi sushi so back to go. We were met with changes, some good and some bad.

The new Head Chef Katsumi Yoshida
The new Head Chef looked young and enthusiastic so that was a good sign haha but was his food able to match?

The Christmasy decor is a nice touch, but I had always liked their cool spiraling lights. I must say their choice in music can sometimes be very weird :S

Sushi trainn choo chooo

They have the sushi-on-sushi action as it was getting busier for lunch :)
I must admit one thing... when my brother, my cousin and I were seated we started grabbing plates left, right and center so the initial few plates were forgotten to be photographed haha. Three hungry boys = no time for photographs BUT fortunately after only a few I came back to my senses and so Here Comes the Food.

(I apologize I don't know the proper names of most of the sushi so please enjoy the visual feast ^^!)

Cooked prawn with Mayonnaise (comes in pairs but one has already been eaten)
Creamy and sweet, the taste of this sushi does not really carry the distinct flavour of prawns.

Scallop Aburi
Tender and juicy scallop with a dressing of mayonnaise, scallions and roe. The flavour of the sweet, plump scallop is accentuated by the searing and the mayonnaise.

Ikura (Salmon Roe)
(comes in pairs but one has already been eaten)
I am not a big fan of roe taste but the popping is entertaining :)

Seaweed Salad
(again... comes in pairs but one has already been eaten)
A simple seaweed salad with sesame seeds and a few flakes of chilli. Good palate cleanser or just a break from all the seafood and have some fresh greens.

Ama-ebi (Sweet prawns)
(comes in pairs but one has already been eaten)
I like these prawns much better than normal ones as they sort of taste like Scampi. There is the slippery texture of scampi as well as a sweetness but they are not as big and have a prawn taste. The mayonnaise adds to it well but they could also do without it.

Grilled Kingfish?
I am not too sure but I think it is Kingfish. The white meat is soft and not very strong, maybe because the sweetness of the sauce is overpowering.

Here it is again under softer light and different angle. What you guys think?

Crab special roll
You probably noticed already but they really like adding mayonnaise to sweeten things up. This combination works but personally I think it is over-priced for fake crab meat.

Salmon Aburi
One of my favourite dishes which I like to use to compare with other restaurants. The beautiful seared salmon just melts in the mouth and oozes the sweetness in balance with the mayonnaise. I could eat many many plates of this mmmm.

Another special roll
With chopped up .. something... fail...

This roll was so not worth it but my brother grabs anything haha. Combination of canned tuna and salmon AND prawn is very weird :S

Uni (sea urchin roe)
I am not a big fan of this either but it looks fresh and juicy.

Salmon belly
Fatty salmon mmmmm another must have :)

Handrolls: (L to R) Spicy Salmon and avocado, Scallop omelette and Wagyu beef.
Their handrolls are very variable in my opinion. Sometimes you can get decent chunks of filling but other times you get a smidget of filling. This visit was pretty decent as my salmon reached pretty much all the way to the end.

Teriyaki Chicken Handroll
Hee hee perfect example of the chicken hiding away under the seaweed.

Green Tea Pudding
Yummmmm but this time it came with a bonus bit of plastic which ruined it for me :(

Bowl of wasabi
Hee hee yooiinnkk some for my collection :)

Strawberry crepe
Fresh strawberries and fresh cream wrapped up in a crepe cannot go wrong.

Green Tea Creme Brulee
Came out with a hot serving bowl but the inside of the creme brulee was surprisingly cool. It could also do with better caramelizing on top but otherwise it is a great dessert.

Tofu Steak (Have to order since I think it is not on the menu anymore and they never make this for the train)
I know I already had dessert buutt this is another of my usual orders. This time was shocking but! The tofu was mostly batter and the sauce was way too salty and ladled on too much. Was disappointed :( hopefully next time is much better or else this may be the end of this great little find.

Look at all the delicious soft shell crab omelettes mmmm I shall be getting one next time

Full and content.. and quite fat

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Makoto Sushi Bar
336 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, Sydney 2067
Monday to Friday 1130-1500, 1700-2130
Saturday 1130-1530, 1700-2130
Sunday 1130-1530, 1700-2100



Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Nice blog site with interesting posts..kepp up the good work !

Miss said...
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Miss Honey said...

Ouch for the plastic in your pudding:( I love salmon aburi, always keep an eye out for it when I'm at sushi train:)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

If people wait so much to eat, the food must be great!

Anonymous said...

Looks good-you really love your Japanese food don't you :P

Anonymous said...

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter - Thx for visiting and posting ^^! We will do :)

Miss Honey - Plastic is bad :( hee hee yup go aburiii melts so nicely mmmm

Clumbsy Cookie - Haha that is true most of the time but not always. I guess most of them are regulars from before but it is still relatively good :)

NQN - Yup yup ^^! Haha too much you think? Maybe blog other places for a while first?