Monday, October 13, 2008

The Coffee Shop (Pats) - Waverton, Sydney.

The uninviting weather for a second consecutive time fell on the first Saturday of the month, so our plan to visit the Good Living Growers Market was quickly changed into a breakfast outing. Though the markets still went ahead, as can be seen from GYF's entry, we submitted to our want of comfort, avoidance of rain and the warm environment of this eatery, which was suggested by FFichiban.

After numerous passes through twists and bends of the unfamiliar suburb of Waverton, we finally found the place we were looking for. As the inside seats had all been taken by patrons, we took the remaining dry seats in the outside seating area. No sooner, the highly energetic and friendly staff (in a good way!) bring out menus; and orders were taken and we waited with eager anticipation and growing hunger.

According to a now inactive blog (link) there is actually an explanation for the different names given to this place: "The Coffee Shop (Pats) at Waverton on Bay Road. Pat is the mother of proprietor G. Harmsworth. The Coffee Shop was an earlier name, as was Witham’s. Witham however, still supplies the coffee..."

Here Comes The Food

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms, Avocado and Brown Toast ($8.50): The eggs have been cooked to a consistency that has the right amount of milk to not create an overpowering creamy taste. It has been taken off the stove at time I normally do at home, so I'm happy. Mushrooms have a hint of butter, which is not too 'complicated' to confuse the senses at such hours of the morning. One thing which I would prefer is that the butter be served with the toast so that it doesn't soggy-fiy the texture which toast should remain until eaten. Also, as I look at FFichiban's similar order which substitutes Avocado for Bacon...I'm green with envy at the difference in quantity given.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms, Bacon and Turkish Bread ($8.50): FFichiban's choice for breakfast. Perhaps if you are going for bang-for-your-buck, choose this variety as it seems in my mind that the quantity of Bacon dwarfs my slice of Avocado.

Omelette and White Toast ($8.50): Monkeyjaja comments that if you are after a hearty and filling breakfast - opt for this choice. It's quality and quantity at the same time; and I can't help but to agree - it's big ... bigger than mine ... so I'm instantly jealous ...

not to mention that the cross-section reveals a generous helping of mushrooms, tomato, cheese and ham.

Banana Bread: Thick, Flagrant and when toasted makes FFichiban a happy breakfaster.

Sadly I couldn't find this on eatability or any other sites that list the day/times which this place is open - wow!

The Coffee Shop (Pats)
97 Bay Rd
NSW 2060
(02) 9955 4762



Anonymous said...

Those breakfasts look huge and delicious and great value too! I love the amount of bacon that Ffichiban got, that's about the right amount for me hehe

Anonymous said...

Hee hee ^^! It's not always about the quantity my friend, quality of the food is more important imo and your brekkie was a nice combo too.

D said...

Hi NQN - yeh ... I wish I knew before I ordered the avocado! I would have definitely chosen the bacon instead hehehe.

FFichiban - the quality of your bacon was better than the quality of my avocado; not to mention the it's a win win situation :p