Thursday, October 23, 2008

Singapore Tastes - Oyster Omelette

Mmmmm this delicacy is something of an interest - an omelette that is chewy and crispy. I asked the locals what made a good oyster omellete and in the process I was recommended 2 places:
Ang Mo Kio Hub - Hokkien Mee
Clementi food centre - Soon Lee


the middle one please!!!

loving the funky hats

The food centre located at the top floor of this shopping mall is teeming with hungry lunch time crowd and lots of local kids! Lots of oysters - a definitie plus! Price was a reasonable $4 for the nice indoor AC and a decent looking plate. A bit oily but delightfully crisp in some parts - I was just glad they didn't skimp on the oysters like a lot of places do!

Clementi Food Centre

so big!!!!!

trying to get a perspective of where I was sitting...

Soon Lee oyster omelette store!
Now the price of this one was the same but the serving - heaps bigger! I found that the taste was just as good - a bit smoother and I didn't have that oily feeling on the pallette that I was expecting with most fried foods. It had the crispy bits and lots and lots of oysters :) But you got to sweat it out in this outdoor eating centre.

So which one is the better one? - personally i enjoyed the Clementi one more because it had the same crispness but was not as oily as the one in AMK hub.


Anonymous said...

I've never tried one of these but they always feature in Singapore food docos/shows. I remember going to a hawker centre and wondering why people would order hot noodle soups in the humid sticky heat hehe.

Thanks for the tip, if I go back there Oyster Omelettes are definitely on the "must eat" list!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee I stand behind the Taiwanese oyster omelette!!! Taiwanese PRIDE! Hahah though Sing one does look and sound tasty too.

cupcake said...

Re nqn - lol it has taken me up to 3 weeks to try and get used to the humidity here to eat in all the outdoor hawker centres! Yeh it's def a wonder how all the locals can do all that hot food outdoors.

Re FFichiban - singapore > taiwan that is all :P hehehe jokes

linda said...

I love those oyster omelette thing. I can't seem to find it anywhere in Sydney. Everytime I go to Singapore or Malaysia, I always make sure I have heaps of Hainan chicken rice, the omelette and Char Kway Teow.

Melvin said...

hii. where are these 2 places located?? which shopping centers? :O

going to singapore soon ^^