Monday, October 27, 2008

Sushi Studio - Neutral Bay, Sydney

This little cozy place is hidden among many, many Japanese restaurants in the Neutral Bay area. I was suggested here by my friend En.elle who is responsible for the appetizing photos on their website. After entering the small entrance, the whole atmosphere is transformed into a chic and modern decor of mirrors, art and polished wood. It is warmly lit and full of life and a dim murmur of other customers.

It is always a good sign to see Japanese patrons as it means the food is authentic.
They also have paper covering the tables which is good and bad. Good as you know that the tables are not just wiped down by a dirty, damp rag but replaced with a fresh crisp sheet of paper. Bad as it lowers the restaurant value on the class-o-meter.

Another considering mainly the specials menu Here Comes the Food.

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi (S)
The fish here is amazing! These fresh and succulent slabs of delicate meat just melt in the mouth and marry very nicely with the fresh wasabi. I think the freshness and quality of the fish is the most important part of Japanese dining and this place has hit it right on the money. The problem with such great sashimi was that the dishes after it just couldn't compare to it...

Salmon Aburi
This dish has also been done very well and the chef has added some very nice twists to it. Little golden balls of roe were hidden inside and were not noticed until the morsals were placed into the mouth and they popped to release their aroma and flavour. Very pleasant surprise even though I am not a big fan of roe.
The ginger was also very fresh and cool and prepared our palates for the next tasty bite ^^!

Eel Roll
The eel was pretty good but nothing compared to the fresh sashimi we had before. I must admit that when I was eating this, my mind was still thinking about the sashimi.

This dish was quite disappointing after such a great start to the meal. They look very nice but after biting into them they were dry and not much flavour. I had expected something of much higher quality but the quality of the meat was not up my standards.

One of the Chefs :)
All in all this place is definitely getting a re-visit but the next time I am sticking with just seafood and mainly sashimi.

Sushi Studio
75 Military Rd
Neutral Bay, Sydney
Ph: (02)9953 7317

Trading Hours
Mon : 6:00pm-10:00pm
Tue : Closed
Wed/Thu : 6:00pm-10:00pm
Fri/Sat : 6:00pm-10:30pm
Sun : 6:00pm-10:00pm



Anonymous said...

The wagyu looks really pale on the outside, definitely not what I'd expect. Meanwhile I love the touch with the roe inside the Aburi Sushi, it's the little things like that that I like :)

Anonymous said...

NQN - *nods in total agreement* ^^! Hmm I don't remember if it was the lighting that caused that but looking at it now it does look very pale haha.

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