Saturday, October 11, 2008

Singapore Tastes part 1 - Some inidan food

Alrighty I am going to list 2 lovely indian places I have been to thus far for curry and the lovely bits and pieces that go with it ^^

Samy's Curry on Dempsey Road - 25A Dempsey Road Tanglin Village (Dempsey Hill Green)

I tried this on my first week recommended by a friend. And wow was it amazing. Dress light cos it doesn't have AC and also have a slightly empty stomach cos man you will want to try all of their curries while you are there! Spicy and flavoursome! Definately a must try place in singapore. The prices are reasonable and you get the novelty of eating off a banana leaf. Also order a fresh lime juice or coconut to go with it... best combination I have had in a while! Wish I had pictures of this place!! >< Hopefully I will go back some time... It actually is about a 20 minute walk from orchard road near the botanic gardens so you can probably make a day for both of them ^^ just make sure you beat the lunch time rush!

Shah Alam - on circular road

Now this place I got some place - I must say I am a bad camera person as I completely forgot to take a picture of it!! i feel so inadequate... any ways - this is a place where you want to try the bryani - highly recommend the lamb/mutton bryani! Damn was it hot and damn was it good. I also had a drink here called Teh Halia - a ginger tea - its like a milk tea with a zingy after taste. Its just as refreshing as having a lime juice but as like an after dinner drink. If you go there for lunch they have a huge pan of bryani sitting at the front and queue to boot! Pity I didn't get to try their lassi but I will make sure I will next time I walk past!

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