Saturday, October 11, 2008

Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill - King St Wharf, Sydney.

One of the places we hit up on the long weekend was Georges Bar & Grill; suggested by FFichiban who had been drawn by GYF's review like carrot on a stick. Located on the far end (if coming from Darling Harbour) of King St Wharf, the restaurant is separated into three areas: an outside bar with couches and tapas, an outside dining area and an inside dining area. I think if you are after a smoke-free dining experience, it would be better to opt for a table inside (which is also air conditioned); as the air lingered with heavy smoke from the bar patrons when we dined outside.

The staff are courteous and forgetful at the same time, the overall service is standard at best; as I expect a higher degree, considering the location and prices being charged. Oh, did I mention if you so happen to be a Citibank cardholder, you are entitled to a 10% discount? (info at the end of post). Also, it seems the menu has changed, as the over-roasted lamb rump which we were eager to try after reading GYF's review (2006) was nowhere to be found.

Here Comes The Food

Award winning lamb rack ($33): One of the specials which is not on the menu, but rather told by the staff prior to our orders being placed. I admit that I'd normally be interested as soon as 'award winning' is exclaimed as there is an air of curiosity of what exactly such a statement offers. However tonight, it was the mentioned of 'lamb rack' that caught my attention. Rested on a bed of caramelised onions, broad beans and what tasted like tomato jus with a side of battered zucchini flower; the lamb was soft, tender and cooked to a perfect medium rare. At times it seemed like there should have been more lamb than vegetables, but it worked out in the end. This dish was met with exclamations of enjoyment by members of our group who had a morsel to sample (even though there was just not enough to go around!). After finishing this dish, I'm left with a feeling that perhaps less is more...? A highly recommended dish on my part.

Steamed Mussels with garlic, chilli, white wine, tomato, saffron and parsley ($28.50): C opted this dish as I'd already had chosen a meat dish, so she wanted 'variety'. After tasting it, we both came to a conclusion that there was an absence of chilli, leading to an overpowering white wine. However, what resulted was the mussels absorbing part of the soup base and being filled with a mixture of enjoyed flavour. But perhaps the shortfall of this dish was that the mussels were a mixture of fresh and not-so-fresh (maybe frozen?), which were not cleaned well, leaving a gritty sensation that was unpleasant.

Amelia Park Slow Cooked Lamb with Fettuccine, peas, lemon, garlic and parsley ($28.50): pupu's dish of choice, which she described as bland with an accompanying overcooked fettucine; the only part that saved this dish from total dismay was the lamb.

Slow Cooked Baby Goat with cicoria, caramelised shallot, lemon, olive and feta ($31.50): FFichiban's dish: "the goat is very tender and soft, but there is too much garlic on the asian cabbage. Also, the shallots are not very caramelised, but the feta and olives are a good combination".

Amelia Park Lamb Cutlets ($29.50): Santa's dish, which was sent back the first time as they were clearly well-done when he had asked for medium-rare. However, the second time he had no complaints and approves of this dish.

Jindalee Grain Fed Mid Rib-Eye ($31.50): Skinnypanda's dish: which he described as "not enough" and when passed around to be tasted, it was great and seemed to be one of the better dishes done during our dining experience.

Mediterranean Soup ($29): timmeh's dish which he would recommend to avoid at all costs an 'overall saltiness which was hard to palette, bread that did not match the dish as it was hard and difficult to bite, fish scales scattered throughout the soup, one sad mussel that was the size of a pea and one prawn that seemed to be the highlight of the dish'.

Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill
Wharf 3, The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney
17 Lime Street
Ph: (02) 9295 5066
Mon-Sunday, Midday-11pm

The Citibank cardholder offer:
Citibank cardholders receive 10% discount on food & beverage, Monday to Thursday, lunch & dinner.

This Citibank World Privilege is only available when mentioning your Citibank Credit Card at the time of booking.

Offer is valid for all Citibank Credit Cards.

Terms & Conditions
Citibank cardholder must identify themselves at time of booking/arrival. Total bill must be paid with Citibank credit card. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Maximum 8 guests. Excluding public holidays.



Anonymous said...

Wow, all of that meat! Good that the award winning lamb was decent in the end but that scaley soup-that is terrible!

D said...

Hi NQN - yeh, it's disappointing for the prices being charged that the quality of food is not consistent amongst the variety of dishes we sampled :(