Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Singapore Tastes part 1 - Chinatown

First 2 weeks of 9 ... sort of...

Okay when I mean sort of - I really do! My camera got stolen and a whole lot of photos that are really quite irreplacable-- actually it was stolen on my brithday which makes it even worse :( All those priceless memories of my family, friends and good times... and of course food! Sigh - But I digress and really want to share with you some of the eats I have had during my stay thus far. Every visitor that comes to Singapore has a checklist of delectable delicacies to check off - so I have taken upon myself this heavy burden to find out what the locals say is worth trying... and let me tell you the locals know where to go! Or you can just join the most massive queue in the premises - this is also a good indicator as to what is good to have in the area.

So I aim to:
1. Stop you getting ripped off - instead I will be
2. Get an authentic taste
3. Have a good time and enjoy your meal

PS start carrying your own tissue packet around with you to all eating spaces!!! - and prepare yourself for some very diaphoretic eating... ie sweat like a pig eating
PPS you need to turn a blind eye to the "dirtiness" of the place...

Singapore's chinatown is a hub of everything possibly truly chinese and asian - and also a huge target for the tourist market! So my mother's very close friend who I will feature in a later post took me to one of her favourite duck places to have duck porridge, roast duck and noodles etc - this is the place every singaporean would go to order roast duck for special occasions and let me tell you its worth every dollar! Located in this massive and very complicated complex of hawker centre + wet market + clothing and bits and pieces market lies a haven for duck eaters. For a whole roast duck its costs S$40 a pop but a bowl of extremely tasty porridge is only about 3 dollars. Ok I got no pictures of what I got cos I proceeded to get my camera taken that day... sigh!! but I went back so you could see what the stall looked like. Whats even better that it was super cheap!

Nice price eh?

Ok the next thing on my list to tell you is this lovely shop where this guy just sells popiah - a tastier version of the spring roll and not deep fried (well if you wanted there is that option)!! It has egg, veges, chilli, peanuts and a whole lot of other goodies inside. I like to think it as an alternative to subway wraps :P Anyways below the chef making the wraps basically rubs a ball of dough on a hot plate to create the wrap - he does it so fast that I can barely believe my eyes. This my friends is certainly a taste of singapore worth sitting in the heat for!

Not everyone will agree these are the best places to go - but I can vouch it they are one of the best

If your up for more of my gastronomical trip of singapore stay tuned - I will be adding more as my trip progresses - or when I have time in between work and running around like a mad woman trying to get home in the city human traffic!


Lilian said...

Oh, great blog!
I'm going to Singapore for the first time in a few months, will definitely be glad of more recommendations (I would like to eat, take some photos and then eat some more)

looking forward to more :)

Pikelet and Pie

adriandianablog said...

hi cupcake

could you tell me the address / direction to go to Run Ji Cooked Food?

Im going to S'pore next month so looking forward to your next few posts about S'pore ....


D said...

cupcake! Edited your post because it looked a bit wierd (even after expanding it) .. HTML code is mind-boggling.

looking forward to read more


cupcake said...

Re: lillian - hoorah! will def be putting up more stuff in the coming days ^^ life is finally organising itself

Re: adreandianablog - no problems! the best directions I can give you is when you exit the Chinatown MRT station head down the road towards the chinese temple or maxwell eating centre on new bridge street- most people know where that is if you get lost ^^ behind the chinese temple is a huge eating centre and wet market. So walk towards Outram park side and not clarke quay side. And walk behind the big chinese temple - and there lies this large complex. Go up the escalators to the hawker food centre and each part of the centre is coded by colour. I think its the first colour on arrival of that set of escalators... yellow? I will double check and pop it on my next post ^^ hope you enjoy it!

Re d - thanks soo much!! hehehe yeh looked a tad weird... had no idea how to fix it!