Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kimama Kitchen - Chinatown, Sydney

I am a big fan of all types of curry so when I read about this "King Curry" at Kimama Kitchen on Eat Like a Cow, I could not help myself but visit it and take on the challenge. This place was hidden in one of the corners of the food court at Eating World with only a small sign stating its' name. To be honest I have never been inside Eating World before so it was a new experience for me haha.

The plasma tv flickered between showing the menu and the Happy Hour specials of cheap cheap curry! Too bad they are only available 3:00pm - 5:30pm.

I really liked the dish they served the cutlet curry rice from the pictures I saw at Eat Like a Cow but I could not resist seeing how big the King Curry is. The service was a bit slow but when they finally finished preparing the King Curries I could see why it took so long.

Spot the engrish!

Here Comes the Food.

Erique Fat Owl was not kidding when he said that it was for a big appetite! I am quite a big eater (as I am a bit of a fatty hee hee) but even I slowed down near the end but managed to finish. The curry came with miso soup and a small bowl of salad, both very nice and compliments the curry very well.

The curry itself is fairly mild but after so much you can feel the effects a bit. I agree that there could be more sauce but I would prefer a lot more chicken katsu hee hee. The beautiful crunch of the chicken is most enjoyable especially when you dont expect it as they covered it with sauce. Overall it is a very enjoyable meal at a very reasonable price and so I will definitely be coming back to try their other dishes or this curry if I am very hungry :D

Monkeyjaja, my curry buddy for this meal got this for a VERY reasonable price as he ended up getting THREE meals out of this one dish.

Curry curry curryyy ^^!

Kimama Kitchen
Eating World Harbour Plaza
Shop 207, 25-29 Dixon St
Haymarket, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9280 0409



NQN said...

Those servings look huge and good to know that it tastes good too. I've earmarked this to take my husband to when he requires a big feed-thanks! :D

FFichiban said...

NQN - Hee hee hopefully you will find it ok too! I would hate to disappoint :S

Anonymous said...

I love their food!! I know this post was from 2008 and their menu has changed slightly since then but the Curry King Set is still amazing and huge! This place has never let me down. I have tried the Karaage Don, Chicken Katsu curry Don, King curry set, Katsu Don...among others. The quality & consistency of the food is always outstanding!

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