Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palace - Sydney CBD, Sydney

I couldnt help myself when I spotted this... Yay for Good Food Month!

During a cool rainy day in this crazy fluctuating Spring weather my family met up with some family friends that we haven't seen for years and years now. They are more my parents friends but I still had some fun playing around on the camera as we strolled through Botanical Gardens. The combination of cloudy skies and light rain made the gardens and nature more vivid, such rich and luscious colours all around!

So here are some of my snaps and shots of the gardens:

I love this deep velvety red and nature already decorated it with water drops :D

My favourite shot :) Can you guess whats those dark bundles are ;) ...?

Too bad I couldn't spot any pandas :(
After our amble through the gardens we were ready to dine on a hearty yum cha lunch. But on our way there we spotted the newly opened Guylian Cafe which I have yet to try and we also succumbed to the alluring aura of Baskin Robbins 31. I didn't get any photos because I was too busy munching on ice cream XD Hee hee.

Palace Chinese Restaurant top entrance
After all those scenery photos finally Here Comes the Food ;)

From top left going clockwise: Pork ribs, sao mai (pork dumpling), chicken feet, pan-fried rice noodle and more chicken feet.
These are all typical yum cha dishes which all must try when they go. I particularly like the pan-fried rice noodle because of the delicious peanut sesame sauce that goes with it but all the others are big hits too.

Radish cake?
I am not too sure on how to translate "gaio" but this is another good dish.

Prawns in a sesame jacket
I do not usually order this dish but it is an alright one with good contrast in textures.

Mushrooms with chinese greens
I am not too sure what type of 'shroom this is (apparantly not the fake abalone) but I love its meaty texture with each juicy bite.

BBQ pork bun (4 per serve but one got ninjaed before the shot)
One of my must order at yum cha ^^! Fluffy white bread with bbq meaty filling mmmm.

Shien suay jiao(Ham soi gok?) - fried water dumplings
Again this is 4 per serve but one got yoinked before camera haha see how fast my family eats :P faster than my camera shutter speed ;)

Doh Fu Hwah - Tofu Flower
One of the best desserts mmmmmm the slippery tofu just slides down your throat and with the sweet syrup it is bliss.

Mango pudding
With a surprising and refreshing combination of different fruits this was another delight.

Rong Sar Bao
But this is the mother of all desserts and the reason why I would rank Palace a bit better than other yum cha places in the city. The melty custard inside this bun is just heavenly as you bite into it, and some oozes out the sides. I could just come here and order 10 of these as a meal!

Other patrons enjoying their meals and talking loudly in the good-old Asian fashion :)

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Palace Chinese Restaurant

Shop 38 Level 1, Piccadilly Tower
133 - 145 Castlereagh Street

Opening Hours
Yum Cha : 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner : 5:00pm - till late



Anonymous said...

Those are bats ! (referring to dark bundles) ....

so how good is Palace compared to East Ocean?

Anonymous said...

I love that radish cake but I usually have my eye on the dumplings so I rarely order it. The Rong Sar Bao looks interesting, I've never tried it before!

D said...

"Shien suay jiao(Ham soi gok?)" ... yeh that Cantonese sounds just about right :p ... for those wondering .. it's like a gluton-lined fried batter which has a chewy texture on the outside; but on the inside is normally filled with minced roast pork/beef/a maybe a peanut!

Anonymous said...

AdrianDianablog - Hee hee you are correct! Hmm to be honest I don't remember what East Ocean yum cha is like so cannot compare :( but you can give Palace a shot and brog :D

NQN - Hee hee yeah so much to eat! This custard bun is the best dessert at yum cha and as far as I know they only serve it there.

D - Haha I stole the Canto from other blogs haha

Y said...

OOh melty custard! I don't think I've ever had that before, at any Yum Cha place!