Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dan Dan Ramen - Neutral Bay, Sydney

Considering these photos were taken with my camera phone, I am happy with their quality. Gogo the Nokia E65 :D but anyway back to the important stuff. After my first visit to Sushi Samurai, we noticed the relatively new Dan Dan Ramen by the same owners of Sushi Samurai. So on a fine Sunday afternoon we decided to venture out here for a taste testing.

The menu and photos of some of their dishes looked quite promising but to be honest I was trully disappointed by this place as I was hoping for a uprising rival for Ryotei Ramen. There are a few minor perks about this place but they are overwhelmed by the cons of this place.

The gyoza have a nice crispy layer and the source had a beautiful touch of chilli oil to give it that very subtle kick but apart from that they were quite small and pretty average in taste.

Stir fry giblets and bean sprouts
A very chinese dish in my opinion but it was quite tasty. The crunchiness of the vegetables were balanced out by the softness of the chicken offal. They did add quite a lot of salt to the meat so it maybe too salty for some.

Chicken Karaage
Deep fried chickkkkeennn mmmm^^! I was glad this wasn't disappointing with its crunchy outside and tender interior. The mayonnaise was lacking in quantity but the sweet chilli sauce was good enough on its own.

Wagyu Beef Steak Set
We actually ordered the wagyu beef steak as a main not as a set but due to a minor communication barrier we received the set instead. The beef was nice and tender with slight meltyness to it and the sweet teriyaki sauce with a little bit of mayonnaise made it even better.

Hamburger Set
The hamburger was not bad but it did taste like it was out of a can and a bit too smothered in the sauce. The tempura were good with a nice crisp batter but again nothing out of the ordinary.

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen

Miso Ramen
Now this is where my brain explodes :S!! The noodles were BLASPHEMY and the soup was sooo bland and tasteless it might have just been water... so siighh! The tonkotsu had a little bit more flavour than the miso soup but still, not worthy of a visit.

The chashu and eggs had to be the highlight of the ramen. Chashu was very good with nice fatty layer but mayb a bit too thin (haha compared with Japan) and the eggs were decent but not as good as Ryos. The other dishes were average but the Ramen really were a kick in the crotch. I recommend walking the few steps to Sushi Samurai instead or even drive down the road (or walk) to Ryos if you still looking for a ramen fix.

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Dan Dan Ramen
Shop 3/197 Military Rd, Neutral Bay 2089
Ph: 02 99041888
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm
Dinner: 5:30pm - 10pm (last order 9:30pm)



Anonymous said...

well, the photos speaks for itself, looks really bland. hehehe. Ryo Noodles is worth the drive even from my place ( around 40 mins)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review-life's too short for bad ramen! How can they get the rest of it so right but the ramen so wrong hehe?

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I could have that deep fried chicken right know!

Anonymous said...

AdrianDianaBlog - Hee hee you are a dedicated one ;) Thx for visiting and commenting.

NQN - Yeah makes me a sad panda :'( and good ramen draws the crowds.

ClumbsyCookie - Yup hee hee always in search for the perfect fried chicken mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

this dandan restaurant... i am a bit dissapointed. i ordered ramen (noodle) but it tasted nothing!! no flavor what so ever! Instant noodle from woolworth was far much better than this noodle!

Other ones are overprisced and i dont think i will never go back there!!!!

Kenta restaurant in neutral bay is the BEST!!

Pink said...

mee too!! keneta is sooooooo good man lol

If you go there lunch time you can have a big piece of Katu (deep fried chiken) as well as beef teriyaki (you can choose from chiken teriyaki salmon teriyai and everthing!) and it will only cost you $8.5!!!

woooo i am sooooo hungty now!!!

Akene chan said...

same company but sushi samurai is bettter i think. try!

Hiro said...

kenta kenta!!!!!!!!! i also like Kashiwa is crows nest! have you guys try for it? man, i go there every weekend with my mate and they all love it!

Reasonable price for poor studnents!