Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pattison's - Mosman, Sydney

I was fortunately situated at Mosman for work for a few days so I was able to peruse the row of pleasant and homey shops lined along Military Rd which I would not normally visit. Among the shops are florists with all sorts of flowers smiling towards the sun in all sorts of colours, cafes with energetic little doggies bouncing around and, my favourite, the butcher shops with beautiful cuts and legs of meat just hanging in the windows to tenderize and enrichen the flavour o the meat. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me but I was too busy staring around in awe to take photos anyway hee hee.

Finally my eyes set upon a friendly site - Pattison's patisserie, fine bakery & cafe. I am used to seeing their comparatively smaller counter shop in Chatswood Chase so when I saw this brightly-lighted, cosy little shop I had to venture and try some of their goodies. I love their little round bulbous lights.. so cute ^^!

A bit on Pattison's history and their general beliefs on pastry.
Big emphasis on freshness and quality of course!

The outer counter lined with goodies like pizzas, muffins, brioches and other breads.

The inner counter filled to the brim with tarts, cakes, quiches, sticks etc etc.
Mmmmm getting hungry again posting up the pics!

More bread along the wall and the hot foods in the oven mmmmmm.

I decideded to pick out 2 items to try this time.

Creme Brulee ($4.90)
I chose the Creme Brulee as I remember reading a comment about it on somebody else's blog.... but alas I am getting old haha. The overall combination of this creme brulee is very pleasant with beautiful presentation of a crunchy burnt sugar layer and thick and luscious custard underneath.

The sugar layer has a very nice crunch but a bit too thick so that there is a layer of granulated sugar which is not caramelized properly and also one spot of the sugar was a bit too burnt. The custard had a nice strong eggy flavour and beautifully dense consistency.

Sugar Brioche ($3.30)
I am still an amateur when it comes to this buttery goodness of a bread. This brioche was light and fluffy but just a teeny tad on the dry side. The sugar on top was nice but I was expecting something more amazing haha. I think I still prefer either doughy breads or warm brioche like the one at Plan B but that could be because of the burger as a whole mmmmm.

898 Military Road,
Mosman NSW 2088
Ph: 02 9969 0600



NQN said...

I can't believe that I haven't been here yet and I live so close! Thanks for letting us know what treasures lie within ;)

D said...

I'm still a No. 1 fan of the Strawberries & Cream at Pattison's.......so wickedly fresh and delicious.

FFichiban said...

NQN - Hee hee I'm glad I can finally give something back after all your blogs given me :) Do you shop along there much? I really like that butcher haha.

D - Ahh I shall try next time but tbh I haven't had much of Pattison's stuff.

NQN said...

I don't really shop there that much although Penny's Butchery always catches my eye! There's something quite old fashioned about it (in a good way).