Monday, October 6, 2008

Sushi-Ya - Chatswood, Sydney

Another Japanese restaurant haha :D I guess I do love Japanese cuisine a bit too much but there are so many good reasons why you should love it. The vast variety of dishes that are on offer and that has been expanded thanks to fusion with other cuisines, it is relatively healthy and of course it tastes great!

I have been to Sushi-Ya a few times and I agree with en.elle that their raw dishes have gradually declined in quality but their hot foods are still worthy of a visit. The service here can be a bit tardy but generally it is within acceptable limits. The atmosphere is just a casual one with some nice decorative items around but spotted around are also home-made posters advertising the specials.

Wall of fishies

I like the stony wall :)

Salmon Belly Sashimi
Even though we know it is not as good as other places it is hard to resist starting off with some cool slices of sashimi. The taste is not as intense or as fragrant as other Japanese restaurants but it is salmon belly none the less.

Scampi Sashimi
The scampi here was not as fresh as it could have been so the taste was kind of bland even though I am a fan of scampi I do not think I will order it again here. The presentation is very beautiful but too bad the taste does not match.

Salmon Aburi Sushi
This one was definitely not as good as the one the one at Sushi Samurai or the one at Makoto and this can be clearly observed through the appearance and colour of the sushi. They did not grill the top for long enough so it did not have the complete seared taste.

Scampi Head Miso Soup
This comes with the order of scampi sashimi. The soup is nice and flavoursome but there is gritty bits at the bottom which meant they did not clean the scampi well enough.

Eel sushi
The wonderful combination of the sweet eel sauce with the mayonnaise is genius one. There is a nicely sized piece of eel on top so I was happy but I could have also done without the inner fillings and just turn it into a nigiri.

Beef sushi
The sweet teriyaki sauce on the tender beef made this dish very pleasant and everyone enjoyed this one.

Eel Chirashi
This was similar to the eel sushi but on plate-form so it was another enjoyable dish. The soft eel meat just falls apart in the mouth and the sweetness while the sauce spreads around inside.

Chicken Karaage
Fresh and hot straight out of the frying oil this dish tends to be a bit oily but so tasty with the mayonnaise. The salad and the scoop of potato offers a light refreshing intermission between the juicy pieces of chicken and removes the guilty feeling of eating deep fried foods.

Spicy Ginger Pork
Normally this is a reliable dish to order but for some reason today they forgot to add in the ginger :S So we ended up with pretty bland pork, which was still tasty with the sauce considering they forgot one of the key ingredients.

Another dish of deep fried goodness. The start of each bite falls on a crispy crunchy batter and ends with a soft and tender meaty interior. Again the salad and potato provides the perfect accompliment. Since this is normal pork it cannot be compared to the beautiful Kurobuta at Ju Ge Mu/Shimbashi.

Taiyaki and Green tea ice cream
They did not have the fishy shaped taiyaki today so we were a bit disappointed haha. They tend to charr the outside a little bit as this also happens with the fish shaped ones but the taste is still good as long as it is not too charred.

Green tea ice cream
Hahah compared to my green tea ice cream... I have to say mine is better hahah and I am totally impartial of course *nods*. But seriously, this is good for value as they usually give you very generous scoops of ice cream but today was a bit stingy. The combination of the corn flakes, red bean and green tea ice cream is awesome.

Drunken Super Lucky Cat ^^! Nyan!
Isn't this such a cute little guy, if he wasn't so dirty.

I only recommend coming here for hot foods and not their sashimi (they also do very nice whole grilled fish). Their ginger is also warm and not to my liking but apart from that the rest is pretty reasonable.

174 Victoria Ave
Chatswood 2067
Ph: 02 9413 3300



NQN said...

I think Japanese is my favourite cuisine too, I could eat it every day and there's so much variety too.

That aburi sushi looks very sad but the eel sushi looks lovely and glossy and brown!

tomatosalsa said...

its been awhile since i've been here...

i think they have very on/off i have had experiences when i've been utterly disappointed, but other times when i'm wanting more of it!

nonetheless, the place looks busy almost every night.

FFichiban said...

NQN - Hee hee go Jap cuisine yumm^^! I wanna go Japan again haha.

Tomatosalsa - Yeah you are right on the money *nods*