Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oscars - Pyrmont, Sydney

After reading up about this place at GYF, I was excited to try it out as it looked like a great place to eat. I have to admit that I was not totally blown away, but was content with the quality of food here. One disappointment was that the Lamb Noisettes were nowhere to be found on the menu and they were what I really wanted to try.

The atmosphere here at night was quite alive with another big group seated right next to our table. It had a nice relaxed and chill feeling, especially when we ventured around to look at the lounge area.

The bar in the middle had a multicoloured lighting aura to it which made it look extra funky and appealing :)

Monkeyjaja and I were pleasantly surprised at the fact they had Asahi bier on tap.

I did not find the fluorescent green wall a particularly nice aesthetic touch as it made everything and everyone look green. But I was most intrigued by the lights that were protruding out of the ceiling. Enough establishment of the restaurant because Here Comes the Food.

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto ($17)
I believe a risotto dish is a true test to how good the chef is and this dish was just mediocre for me. The rice was not cooked to al dente and a bit to much on the thick side but it was still a fairly good attempt. The chicken and mushroom were cooked nicely though.

Oscars Famous Pork Ribs ($25)
I was also not too impressed by the these pork ribs but they were still decent. The sweet and tangy rib sauce was just the right amount and the meat fell of the bone fairly nicely but it was too tough. I recommend going to other places for the ribs like Ribs and Rumps, Hurricanes or I'm Angus.

The Oscar Pizza ($16)
The pizza had a good combination of flavours as it had a little bit of everything on it.

Oscars New Recipe Beef Burger ($15)
The buns were not toasted as Helen mentioned so the burgers could have done with some improvement.

Caesar Salad ($13)
Beautifully presented with a generous amount of salad dressing and a taste to match.

Tuscan King Prawn Linguine ($18)
A pleasantly rich tomato sauce with flavours which complemented each other well. The prawns, we could not describe as 'king' but were still enjoyable as they released a fragrant aroma and combines well with the other ingredients.

Spicy Italian Penne
The combination of the Italian sausage and salami caused a fusion of flavours in the mouth. The pasta was well cooked to al dente but the dish was warm when we received it which meant they took too long to serve it or the pasta was cooked before the meat.

500gm Chargrilled T bone (Yes, half a kilo!) ($25)
I personally am not a big fan of T bone steak but D took the exclaimation mark as a challenge set this in his sights. When he was presented with his slab of meat he felt a tinge of disappointment as the size looked amiss but this tinge grew larger as he dug into the steak. It is not easy to cook a T bone perfectly as there is 2 different cuts of beef on it which cook at different times and the bone also influences the heat distribution. Therefore instead of a juicy pink medium rare, D
dined into a piece of medium well. However, the bernaise sauce was smooth, creamy and well-prepared enough to keep him happy but he won't be ordering this again.

Sticky Date ($8)
The rich butterscotch sauce mixed perfectly well with the soft yet firm pudding which was warmed to the right temperature. The ice cream was allowed to melt over the pudding to increase its richness and creaminess. The only problem I had with this was that it was clearly microwaved which gave it that slight microwave feeling/taste.

Apple & Berry Crumble ($8)
The wonderful combination of fruits and crumble is always in my heart. The one here is decent but nothing spectacular. Once again let the ice cream melt away and your in for a wonderful treat.

84 Union Street Pyrmont
NSW 2009
Ph: 02 9660 5933



D said...

how come your pics came out much darker than mine :S Sit under the lighting fixture with me.. all nice, hot and bright.. haha!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

I have found Oscars to be rather unpredictable. We had a stellar first visit two years ago, but haven't had as much success since. The 500g steak sounds like a worthy challenge though! And ha, for a minute there I thought you had combined two visits in one post with the difference in photos.

Anonymous said...

D - Hmm yyeahh dslr >>>> point and shoot :( but i should turn up exposure eh?

Helen(AG) - Thhxx for visiting and posting ^^! Ahh that is not a good sign :( and yeah haha it's hilarious when we take photos cos there are 2 people stopping the others from eating and lots of plate movement for lighting and shot angles haha.