Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home Cooking - Banana Bread

Mix a brother who is a banana-holic with a mother who is always looking for healthy alternatives and you get a house full of bananas, wheat germ and wholemeal self-raising flour. I had to request that he did not finish off all the bananas or else I would have none to make this Banana Wheat Bread recipe which I found from the nifty site

Due to my lack of cooking supplies and utensils I ended up with more of a banana wheat cake(?) rather than a bread haha :S which was still pretty interesting anyway hee hee. Since it is quite late and I am quite sleepy please look up the recipe here.

The dough ready to be baked
Once again I am missing vanilla essence (sigh! Must go shopping!) and I had less honey as I ran out. I also used 6 small bananas for my banana bread.

Post baking with a pretty nicely browned top crust I have to say hee hee
Too bad the bottom wasn't as nice haha which ended up a little too brown.

Inner view of banana wheat bread
As my first attempt at banana bread I believe that it was a pretty fair try but of course there is room for improvement! I think more banana is needed (flavour was quite weak) so definitely more bananas next time and more honey to give it the thicker sweetness is also required. I was thinking that the crust on the bottom was slightly overbaked because of the different depth of the pans used so I will need ot adjust baking times or buy a loaf pan. The bread was also slighty dry but if more bananas are added it would balance out better.

There are some good things about my bread, like the aroma of the baking banana is always good to have wafting through the rooms. The fact that wholemeal flour is used makes me feel healthy when eating it haha (but I think a brownie is needed next time to balance it out ;) )

So by the words of wisdom from Kodos of the Simpsons:
We must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling... twirling.... twirling towards freedom!



Anonymous said...

That looks good and I agree the smell of banana bread baking is incredible! :)

Anonymous said...

NQN - Thhxx ^^! I am sure your house is full of yummy aromas all the time ;)